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Spells To Bring You Money.

Money Making Magic Spells For You To Use.

These spells really work, try them and see. But before you do, please read the following conditions.
  1. Although I am not charging you to see these spells, I am not giving them freely. You can use them without charge and see that they really work, but after they have worked for you I expect you to send me 5% of the money they bring you. I think that is fair, because it is money you would not have if not for me. So you get 95%, I get 5%.

  2. If the money comes in one lump sum (e.g. a lottery win), then I expect you to send me the money as soon after you get it as possible. If the magic brings you a steady supply of money (e.g. an unexpected increase in salary) then I expect you to send me my 5% monthly. However if it goes on for more than a year, you do not have to keep sending me 5% after the first year. From the second year on, keep all the money, I am not greedy.

  3. You can use my spells, but don't steal them. By that I mean, don't publish them as your own (in spell books, on the Internet, etc.). If you want to share these spells, then give a link to this page, don't republish them and claim them as your own.

  4. Be aware that I have cast a spell to bring bad luck and misfortune on anyone who breaks these rules. If you try and pass the spells off as your own, or if you cast them and fail to send me my 5%, then bad things will happen to you.

  5. When you have tried the spells and seen that they work, please do share this link with other people, let them benefit from the magic too.

So how do you get the money to me? Well I prefer to remain anonymous, as all great witches suffer persecution, even in this enlightened time. I have seen too many of my friends beaten and hated because they practise The Craft. So a friend of mine (the web designer who put together this magic website for me) has set up a PayPal donate thing for me. Send the money through him to me. Just click on the "donate" button below and send the money via PayPal..

So here are the spells that will make money for you.

Spell One (click here).

Spell Two (click here).

Spell Three (click here).

Spell Four (click here).

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