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First Spell To Get Money.

Basic Magic.

Please note, there are conditions attached to using these spells. Before you read on, please click here and read the conditions before continuing.

This is a really basic spell, but it works really well. Start with this one, it will bring you money. If you repeat it, it will keep bringing you money. But if you need even more money than this spell brings to you, then also use the other spells on this site.

You will need a green candle, some sage, and some thyme. The candle can be bought from any reasonably trendy household shop, the sage and thyme can be got from any large grocer or supermarket. You do not need to use candles and herbs supplied by a WitchCraft store. Those will be identical to the ones bought in the grocery store, but cost you ten times as much! However make sure the candle is green wax throughout, not a white candle coated with green wax.

This spell should be performed at midnight, on any evening. It can be performed indoors or outdoors, but if performed outdoors, put down a mat or piece of lino to work on, do not perform it on bare soil or grass.

Firmly place the candle on the ground (use a candle holder or candlestick). kneel or sit cross legged in front of the candle and light it just before midnight. At midnight sprinkle a pinch of sage and a pinch of thyme into the flame, then ask earnestly for money. Use your own words, but do not lie. State why you want the money, ask politely for it to come to you, and keep it brief.

Then blow out the candle and the spell is complete.

The money will not suddenly "appear", but will come to you as "good luck". For example it may be left to you in a will, it may be a bonus at work, it may be a gift from a friend, or it may come in some other form. However always remember to thank the powers for sending it after it arrives. If you are not fully grateful, this magic will not work again. However if you show your gratitude and thanks to the powers you can use this spell over and over again throughout your life (but don't get too greedy).

Once you have tried the spell and found that it works, remember to send 5% of the money to me as you promised before you read the spell (as it says in the conditions). Please use the PayPal Donate button below, to do so.

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