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Second Spell To Get Money.

Multiply Your Money.

Please note, there are conditions attached to using these spells. Before you read on, please click here and read the conditions before continuing.

First an explanation: Many people read this and assume it will multiply the money they have on them. It does not work like that. It also does not make opportunities for money to come to you. What it does is multiply the size of moneys already coming to you. For example if you are destined to buy a lottery ticket next week and win a small prize, it will make that prize bigger. If your boss intends to give you a pay rise, this spell will make him give you a bigger rise. Etc... However it will not make the lottery win happen, or the pay rise happen, you have to have some money coming to you in the first place, this spell will multiply the money.

Also note that you cannot direct this spell at a certain one off event. For example, casting it the week before a pay review to get a higher raise may not work. The spell picks and chooses which money events it multiplies, it does not take orders from you.

But don't let that stop you casting it before multiple money opportunities. For example, plenty of people use this spell before their birthday so that some of the people who give them money as a present will give them a bigger amount.

However, since this is such a simple thing to do, I keep it running all the time, and this works well for me.

First of all, do you keep your money loose in your pocket or grip, or do you use a wallet or purse specifically for money and credit cards? If it is the former, start using a purse or wallet.

Next you need an uncut opal. This should not be a precious opal, should not be cut for jewellery, and should not be polished. Any good mineral supplier will be able to help you with this. But do note that if it is expensive, it is the wrong kind of opal (or you are being overcharged). So if you are not certain you are getting one that is not a precious opal, was not cut for jewellery, and has not been polished, then shop around and buy the cheapest!

Place the opal in your wallet and keep it there. Every week add a pinch of rosemary, which should be sprinkled amongst the money in your wallet or purse.

And that is it, simple. However don't take it for granted. Remember to add fresh rosemary every week, and think kindly of the opal. Occasionally take the opal out and dust it. Some people talk to the opal, I don't know if that helps but it cannot hurt (provided you are polite). Effectively make the opal your friend, and it will multiply the money that comes to you.

Remember, you agreed to send me some of the money to me that this spell will bring to you (as it says in the conditions). Please use the PayPal Donate button below, to do so.

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