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Third Spell To Get Money.

Moonlight Magic.

Please note, there are conditions attached to using these spells. Before you read on, please click here and read the conditions before continuing.

For this you either need something made of silver (N.B. made of silver, not just silver plated) or an emerald. Or (best of all) something made of silver that contains an emerald (eg. a ring). However this must be something you already own, it cannot be something you get specifically for this spell. If you do not have such an item, you can use money, a note of high denomination for preference.

When there is a full moon, stand naked in your garden (or any open patch of land) and hold the item up to the full moon. Ask the moon to bring you wealth, be earnest but ask politely. Then lower the item, dress and go back indoors.

If you use silver or an emerald you can repeat this every month with the same item until you are rich enough. If you used money, you must use a different note each time, and not spend the note until the month is over. (Although if you are using a old solid silver coin, you can class that as a silver item and use the same one every month).

This will bring you some money in the first month, but more and more with each month you do it.

Now you have read the spell, tried it, and found that it works, you want to send the money to me that you promised to send, before you read the spell (as it says in the conditions). Please use the PayPal Donate button below, to do so.

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