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Fourth Spell To Get Money.

Success With Money Making.

Please note, there are conditions attached to using these spells. Before you read on, please click here and read the conditions before continuing.

This last spell is a general spell to make you successful in all ventures that bring in money. It will not make money come to you, but will make money making ventures more successful, so more profitable, and thus bring you money that way.

First buy a small purse. In this purse put one of the following stones: opal, sapphire, tiger's eye, or a bloodstone. Add a teaspoonful of orris root and a teaspoonful of vervain. Keep the purse with you at all times (even when you sleep).

The stone and the herbs will work together to bring you success in all money related ventures.

Once this spell brings you money, remember that you agreed to send 5% of the money to me (as it says in the conditions). However you only have to send me 5% of the extra money this brings to you, try to work out as honestly as possible how much this is. Please use the PayPal Donate button below, to do so.

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